The unthinkable has happened. I have proven myself a 'naïve-gan'! An entire packet of pretzels was consumed based on an assumption of mine that it would be vegan, before I inspected the ingredients list to find milk protein. Dag nammit. Perhaps, if I make myself go back a day to V9, I will be forgiven this indiscretion by my Vegan Challenge sponsors?

This disaster aside, all is going very well. More disciplined reading of ingredients since the incident has opened my eyes to the endless lists of ingredients hidden away in what I would consider fairly basic foods.

I've been vegetarian in the past, but that's fairy easy to do without being too creative. This challenge is making me experiment with more interesting foods. The downside is that I'm going to have to take over Keith's kitchen cupboard space. The plus side is that I've discovered that the Real Foods shop is not nearly as scary as I thought it would be. I've not yet encountered anyone with smelly dreadlocks, nor have I had anyone wearing sarouel trousers try to explain their spirituality to me.
Some new foods of late, I tried my hand at making a mushroom and chestnut pie with vegan pastry, recipe from the Vegan Society. It was not too bad, but a little bland. It could have done with more seasoning or herbs.

Steamed vegetable dumplings and some green tea buns with mung bean paste. Yum.
Recipe for 'Minnesotan Vegan Chile' from Scott Jurek's autobiography. Tastes great, but the recipe made so much I've been eating it for days.
I've been taste testing alternative 'chocolate', taking one for the team, for all the vegans out there. This has to be the best so far. It is very unlikely that the V30 challenge will result in weight loss.
YUM. But very expensive. These will be an irregular treat.
Thanks to Claire, this amazing vegan chocolate cake recipe. I expect to add a few kg of body weight by day 30.
Lunch. Mmmm.


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