Novel foods for Monday included organic spinach pasta spirals with 'Zest' vegan basil pesto. The pesto was tasty, but a little to vinegary for my liking so i'm going to try another brand.

Tuesday saw Jordan's berry muesli with almond milk for breakfast (berry overload). Homemade rosemary, sweet potato and Cheezly scones for lunch. The vegan cheese is far less scary than I thought it was going to be. I wouldn't eat it on its own, but it certainly did the job in the scones.

For dinner, a gorgeous array of vegan foods cooked by a friend. Tofu salad, sweet and sour aubergine, cauliflower curry with rice, fruit and caramel for dessert. I felt thoroughly spoilt! Find of the night was a jar of fermented tofu. It's similar to blue cheese and not for the faint hearted. I might get myself a jar and experiment with it for some new sauces.

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