6/18/2012 22:46:16

Answer all questions asked honestly

6/19/2012 01:54:46

Eep! I'd like to still be employed at the end of the month...!

6/19/2012 18:37:08

As discussed in the staffroom.. I have a friend who has set herself a similar challenge, to do something that scares her every few months. She has signed up to do a night at the Stand Comedy Club... terrifying! Fancy it? Or how about offering to lead an assembly next year? (You are very brave... I am not!)

Tony P
6/19/2012 23:05:10

Wind back your use of technology by one year per day for 30 days. ie. on day one don't use any technology that became available in the last year; day 10 nothing from the last decade... and on day 30 you're partying like it's 1982.....

6/21/2012 18:26:35

Have you seen this -


some ideas a bit pedestrian but could be a couple of winners. not least street magic and marksmanship.

7/8/2012 06:21:51

Learn a tune on a new instrument (chosen by your pupils) in 30 days and play it at your Assembly. This 12 month adventure is definitely something you should get your pupils involved in. Think what they could be inspired to do or learn about themselves that could benefit them for the rest of their lives! Go girl!

You may have to do the obvious ones too,
like no smoking,
no drinking,
only drinking water every day,
no hot meals,
no sugar/cakes/biscuits in any of your food,
how about a McDonalds a day for 30 days? No better not, that almost killed the last researcher!
Be a volunteer for a month?
Could you do something for the charity for a month. That could be an eye opener.
Community service for a month.
Stay in cells/prison (after work) for a month.
Do something in your neighbour's gardens for a month.
Work in the pub for a month.
Help in the gym for a month.
Train like a professional athlete for a month.
Visit all the pubs in Edinburgh in a month!
See how many other Kristen's or Kristen's Davies's you can meet/contact in a month!
How many replies from famous people you can get in a month via letter or email (or phone!)
or how many autographs you can collect in a month
or how many photographs you can have taken with famous people in a month (with you in them, that is).
Coffee time. Did you know Asda jaffa cakes are as nice as McVities? It's true! Yummy. 40p for 12. I'm a convert! Catch yi later. jb

7/9/2012 23:13:01

How about writing a handwritten letter to someone everyday?


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